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We are a boutique storytelling agency, helping humans and organisations discover the power and value of their own stories.


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I’m a leader looking to energise my team, and make the most of their different talents.

I’m a brand and marketing professional looking to create a knockout brand that proves our impact and value.

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A simple and fun 10 minute weekly ritual to
build trust, openness and appreciation.

Your team will love you for this.

Sweet Spot

Our Founder

This is our founder Moya Sayer-Jones. She’s maybe not what you imagine a purpose-driven story activist would look like – but she’s the real deal when it comes to being one of Oz’s leading story strategists for NFPs.

Moya put aside her career as a best selling comic novelist and screenwriter to found Only Human Stories in 2005. While she’s always loved writing her own stories, it was listening to others tell theirs, that changed everything for her.

By the way, Moya doesn’t usually wear hats as fabulous as this but the truth is, she’s as fun to work with as the hat might suggest!

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