6 Storytelling Tips for Not-For-Profits

For many not-for-profit organisations impact stories are essential for showing the world (and reminding themselves), of the amazing work they do.

Yet, for some reason, be it lack of time, confidence, enthusiasm – the stories they want rarely appear. We often meet with these leaders and get asked ‘Where do I find the stories?’ ‘Can I tell this story?’ ‘How do I get the stories flowing?’ There’s no one simple solution, but there are a few tips to get you started thinking in ‘story’.

Moya, Story Chief here at Only Human Stories, has listed 6 tips for storytelling for not for profits.

Tip 1

Stop working and have lunch. No, not at your desk (Yes, really!) At a table. With others. Bring a shared plate and a story. Invite people from different divisions or sectors. Call it, a story feast.

Tip 2

Identify places/times where you already gather naturally e.g. team meetings, community meetings, sessions with clients, inductions, community events and create a space for stories. For example, you might move that (mind numbing) reading of past minutes to later in the meeting and open with a story from someone instead.

Tip 3

Always include a first person story in newsletters or other communications. Choose from a range of your stakeholders: a volunteer, staff member or donor. Rather than ask the person to write it themselves, ask them to tell it to you and re-tell it in their own words.

Tip 4

Invite a client, staff member or volunteer to your next board meeting and start with a story that will explain what it’s like at the coal face.

Tip 5

Gather images from projects and use them as triggers for end of project de-briefs. What did we do well? When did we feel disheartened?

Tip 6

Ask staff to bring something from home that represents their strongest value and tell a story about it. You will be amazed how this affirms your organisations own value set.


You can also try our 5 Day Story Challenge if what you’re really looking for is growing your personal storytelling muscles. Find out more about it here.



I have always been interested in learning about all things human. This put me on the path to get a degree in the humanities and collect stories from all over the world. I’m a big believer in the power of storytelling to impact social change and connect us all. I use my chatty, tech-savvy and artistic skills to help share these stories.

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