Best story ideas from around the world

Monday fireworks for the brain.

Straight from my brain to yours. This is a deliriously fab selection of the best creative story ideas and advice from around the globe.

Apologies that I didn’t post last week. I meant to honestly but I was swimming in stories playing out all around me. So, I was breathing in last week and now I have something to breathe out again. (This is Top Creative Rule #1)

So now, grab your coffee and breathe in yourself. Get set to rock and don’t forget to share when you too are ready to breathe out!

1. NFPs looking for donor dollars? Business scrambling for customers? Then story work is for you. Do yourself a favour. Even if you don’t swoop on one other of my suggestions this week… you should follow this one. Paul Zak, Director of the Centre for Neuroeconomics, narrates this wonderful animation about his findings when a story hits the brain…and the wallet! It’s compelling evidence of how story changes not just what we think but the grey matter itself! Best 6 minutes you’ll spend this week.

2. From the mouths of babes. Here’s a video we produced for Burnside Young People and Families a few years back to support an advocacy campaign for young people. Jayden is 15 and has been in foster care since he was two. Now he’s a rapper and uses his music to explain what life is like for a foster child. Beautiful, touching and so much to take away. Watch here.

3. I’m not usually a 10 Best Ways To…sort of gal but this post from British Airways magazine (Business Life) is very good content…not the usual re-packaged thinking. Good pointers for getting story right when you are in front of an audience…even an audience as small as one. Go to this.

4. Imagine if billboards advertised art instead of things you don’t need? Now there’s a good idea!

5. This short (11 minute) talk by Social Era author Nilofer Merchant threads multi stories to explore the idea of ‘who we are vs who we aspire to be’. Its simple but beautifully structured and stories are integral to the message. Worth a look even if you are already really happy with yourself right now! After all, aspiration never really stops…does it?

And finally, here’s something that will keep on giving week after week. The Humans of New York Facebook page. Like it, book note it and visit often. These are wonderful images and stories from the street. It’s a joy.

See you next week, story cats.

Moya Sayer-Jones

I help not-for-profit orgs and visionary humans use their real stories to build their brand, connect new partners and increase energy and motivation. Got a question? Message me. 🖊️

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