Creating a future story

I was 41 weeks pregnant when I nabbed my first job writing for television.

I remember waddling into the Executive Producer’s office and seeing him quickly look from me to the spindly chair I was heading towards.

He was a polite guy and tried to hide his amazement. (Note: he didn’t hide it very well.)

It was a new children’s series and very innovative back then – animation, live action and mixed media.

First drafts of the scripts were due in just 8 weeks and I had no track record in writing for kids.

Or experience of working with him.

Oh and by the way, did I mention this was my first baby?

Looking back now, I can’t imagine where I got the energy, the chutzpah or even a dress big enough to take that interview.

Even more surprising was that I ended up landing the gig.

I often wonder how that guy managed to look past the enormous ‘story’ sitting in front of him (enormously-pregnant-woman-about-to-embark-on-life-changing-learning-curve) …

… and see instead the story we could create together.

I must have told a bigger story than my belly.

If we want to do new things and great things, we need to be very good at creating a future story.

One that’s bigger and more promising than the story that already exists.

A story that’s alive with vision, enthusiasm and possibility.

And a story strong enough to overcome the safety of old assumptions and everyday logic.

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~ Moya

Moya Sayer-Jones

I help not-for-profit orgs and visionary humans use their real stories to build their brand, connect new partners and increase energy and motivation. Got a question? Message me. 🖊️

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