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*FREE* Online Christmas Huddle with Moya


This is your chance to share your experiences and reflect on what you’ve learned throughout the year. Connect with others and gain valuable insights from their stories as well.

Leave this Christmas huddle feeling good on the inside and positive about the upcoming year. This is a great opportunity to laugh, share and connect with like-minded individuals. Register now – it’s free (and lots of fun)!

International Women’s Day Story Huddle

8TH MARCH 2024

This is your chance to share your experiences, celebrate women you know, connect with other women, and gain valuable insights from their stories as well.

Leave this IWD huddle feeling connected and cherished. This is a great opportunity to laugh, share and connect with like-minded individuals.

Unlock the Power of Personal Experiences for Brand-Building Stories

Undervaluing the significance of personal narratives is a missed opportunity in many organisations. Personal stories have the potential to revolutionise the way you connect with others, motivate your team, and achieve your business objectives.

Storytelling is a powerful way to amplify your impact internally and externally. Watch this training to learn the easy way to turn personal experiences from your team into powerful brand-building business stories.

How to turn your organisation into a story-gathering machine in just an hour a week.

In this energising masterclass with much-loved story strategist, Moya Sayer-Jones, you will learn how to turn staff members into story finders.

And best of all, how to make the most of those stories once they arrive.

Consider this a personal creative refresh for writers, content creators and brand guardians.

You’ll discover …

  • how to make the shift from ‘reporting’ and bring new energy to your writing with first-person narratives
  • how to find more more colourful and emotional stories using our conversational interviewing technique
  • Moya’s own process for finding stories within stories so you can easily re-purpose across platforms and mediums
  • how to build appreciation and co-operation internally to keep that ‘story generosity’ flowing

Maximize Results & Impact By Creating Effective Story Ecosystems

Your organization thrives when every element works together in harmony. This masterclass is designed for visionary leaders to inspire, unite their teams, and drive tangible results through the power of effective story ecosystems.

Learn how you can  foster a generative culture, fueling organizational health, and growth through a vibrant knowledge exchange and story culture. 

Annual Reports Made Easy

In this masterclass we’ll be sharing our own step-by-step system to plan, gather and develop your Annual Report content all year round. You’ll learn how to plan, build and create a year’s worth of successes, partnerships and impact stories into one stunning Annual Report. Plus some fun extras and templates so you can get started.

Whether you’re the person in charge of the Annual Report or a leader who wants to support your team, the results will be the same – an Annual Report you can manage AND be proud of.

Refresh Your Brand Story Through A Milestone Event

Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to refresh your brand story, enhance your organisation’s visibility and reputation, gather impactful stories, and align identity with future goals.

Moya Sayer-Jones has more than two decades experience working with nonprofits of all sizes to help them discover the value of their origin and milestone stories. This webinar delivers her unique insights, process and practical strategies, so you can apply them to your own organisation. And celebrate benefits such as:

  • enhanced reputation and visibility
  • an abundance of forgotten stories that prove your impact and mission over time
  • increased engagement with clients, staff, partners 

Leverage Brand Story To Impact Your Strategic Plan In A Powerful Way

Stories from organisation staff and volunteers serve as a powerful resource for executives to leverage the power of brand storytelling. By embracing the authentic experiences and perspectives of employees and volunteers, executives can enhance employee and community engagement, foster internal alignment, strengthen customer connections, and drive continuous improvement.

We’ll be addressing how to navigate the most common issues so that you can leverage the power of brand storytelling to drive meaningful results and successfully execute strategic initiatives.

More Masterclasses & Events Coming Soon