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Our story sessions are a great chance to connect with team members and share their experiences. The depth and quality of our stories has strengthened and there’s a new energy and enthusiasm in our teams, thanks to Moya and the team at Only Human.

Kat Lindberg, Program Manager, Uniting Ability Links

Most people think of stories and story-telling as something to broadcast out into the world. And of course, that’s true. Real stories with real voices are amazingly effective in bringing support and understanding in audiences.

But the good news is, that’s only a small part what’s possible.

In almost two decades of working with visionary organisations, we have continually seen the amazing outcomes creating space for stories can bring internally.

Stories flowing between staff members not only feed your external story making but also fuel belief, values and performance in your teams. And they naturally bring everyone closer in happier, more generous collaborations, right across your organisation.

We’re always amazed at what can happen when humans are simply given the space and encouragement to speak up, stand out and shine. Build story capacity in your team now.

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