Have You Ever Asked this Question?

Some years back, I was meeting with the exec team and board members of a disability organisation. There were about 12 of us.

I’d been gathering stories from the founders and staff for their 40th anniversary and on this day, I was going to share some of what I’d discovered.

I’d chosen a range of stories that showed the rollercoaster ride of the past 40 years – the good times, the tough times, the people with the big vision, the people who kept the dream afloat and the clients whose lives had been changed right through it all.

Everyone in the room was leaning in, amazed and captivated. That’s us? They were recognising so much of their own experiences in these stories and the room came alive. So instead of moving on, we decided to press pause on the agenda and stay in the feeling. I invited them to share an experience of their own, with each other.

The stories were rich in the here and now – and perfectly illustrated their impact, the essence of their culture, their values and some personal journeys too.

I drove home happy! These are exactly the sort of stories that every organisation needs to share with their teams, clients, potential staff and decision-makers. And of course, I know that given half a chance, they’ll always just come tumbling out.

Later that week, I got a call from the CEO and she said, “I want us to get better at sharing our own stories with each other. Can you help us do for ourselves what you do for us?”

The question catapulted me on a journey to design a simple, repeatable and enjoyable process that teams could easily do for themselves.

That was a decade ago and it’s how the Story Huddle was born.

Story Huddle is now online as a self-guided and affordable course. It’s for leaders who know their teams have great stories and knowledge to share but haven’t yet been able to find a manageable and fun DIY-way to do it.

So if you’re ready and waiting to ask the question: How can we get better at finding and using our stories to drive our performance and impact…


Moya Sayer-Jones

I help not-for-profit orgs and visionary humans use their real stories to build their brand, connect new partners and increase energy and motivation. Got a question? Message me. 🖊️

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