It’s Time to Let your Millennials Roam Free

Last Friday, I was watching 25 year old Lisabel, packing up her desk ready to take off, on a three month adventure, to the other side of the world. After 2 years of COVID and bushfires and floods and closed borders here in Australia, she was ready and raring to go.

As we bid farewell, she said, ‘Thanks for being a great boss and letting it happen…’

I laughed and told her that it wasn’t really a choice. To say ‘no’ would have been like trying to hold down a race horse! She needed to run and I was just opening the gate. The whiteboard behind her was filled with our planning for how we’d make this new way of working (and not working) happen – and it took some nifty footwork.

She’s my right hand. My left hand, Tennyson our 28 year old illustrator, had already left on his own 3 month adventure, 2 days before.

So suddenly I’m an empty nester again – just in the office, this time. That’s why I’m sitting at my desk writing this today. And yes, it feels strange, slightly lonely and challenging from a biz point of view … but I love that we’ve found ways to do it.

I’m always saying change is good – this is a great way to test it!

The thing is, I can still remember what it was like to be in my 20’s. And funnily enough, it feels a lot like it feels to be in my 60’s! Adventure beckons – new stories to make and hear.

How are you going with opening the gate?


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Moya Sayer-Jones

I help not-for-profit orgs and visionary humans use their real stories to build their brand, connect new partners and increase energy and motivation. Got a question? Message me. 🖊️

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