The bundle of MORE

Grow your organisation and boost your impact through the stories you make every day

We’ve pulled together our 4 most successful services and trainings into one irresistible bundle. Why?  So your organisation can start building your story-making muscle in a few hours – together.

The bundle of MORE is all you need to start using your own stories to bring

👀  Better brand visibility and reputation

💰 Increased funding security and diversity

🫶 More supporters, clients, partners and fans

It doesn’t involve you committing to a big production number. (That’s good news!)

It’s quick to get going, satisfying to do and won’t break the budget.

“We have found our voice and it speaks loud and clear to the people we want to reach. We have seen a massive increase in partners, volunteers and sponsors. And our staff can now celebrate and be proud of the way our work is seen.”

Tracy Phillips, Executive Officer, Bonnie Support Service


So if you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you don’t mind the sound of…

💰 an endless pool of stories for fundraising, media, stakeholders and social media

🫶 engaged and motivated staff sharing their experiences and insights

💡messages that your audience can’t resist that prove your impact and values

    🚀 the boost in reputation that’s been a long time coming

Included in the MORE bundle…

Moya’s brand story audit and recommendations.

Have you ever wondered if your online brand story truly conveys the messages you want to send about your organization? We’ll take a dive and assess how your brand identity is shaping up online. And then bring ideas and recommendations to you in a 60-minute live online session and reveal easily actionable ideas to bring out the real story.

We’ll review your organisation’s current narrative, identify gaps, and propose creative, practical solutions to get your brand story truly expressing what it’s like to work with you.

Story_Huddle Team Workshop (15 seats)

The fastest way to get your organisation’s stories flowing is with a live online story_Huddle training with Moya.

This is a fun, experiential workshop that will introduce our story_Huddle process and facilitate your team’s first experience in a story_Huddle. It’s a chance to get buy-in, show possibilities and ensure your teams have the essential foundations to begin sharing their discovries and experiences in a safe, inclusive and enjoyable way.

Includes pre-workshop call, resources, and session recording.

Lifetime access to story_Huddle online course (15 seats)

Let Moya be your guide with videos, demonstrations, and exercises on how to make the most of our unique story-sharing method.

Learn what makes a great story, what gets in our way and how to find the stories that will drive connection, reputation and performance.

As your skills grow, you’ll return to this course again and again.

Leader’s Storytelling Workshop (8 seats)

This workshop is a tailored, immersive experience designed to empower leaders within your organisation to harness the power of storytelling in a strategic and impactful way.

Participants will learn how to find, understand and deliver compelling narratives that reveal  your organisation’s values, goals, and diversity. This isn’t just about telling stories—it’s about using stories to make the change we want. It’s about creating connections, fostering empathy, and driving action.

We’ll cover the techniques and insights necessary to craft stories that can inspire teams, rally stakeholders, and effectively convey the impact of your work.

In addition to the workshop, this offer includes a pre-workshop planning call with Moya, providing a customised experience that caters to your organisation’s specific needs.

“The feedback that I’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive. Working with Moya has helped the team bring their stories to life.”

Deb Watkins, Co-ordinator, Ability Links (NSW)

Customised for your organisation, this is an immersive experience to build your confidence and skills in strategic storytelling and uses.

What are you waiting for? Set up a call with Moya to discuss how this sweet deal will work for you.

It’s an experiment… a  first for me (and you too!)

You can schedule your live components right through to December.

Not that you’ll want to wait that long!

grow your organisation and your impact

get MORE

A service package of storytelling workshops, training and resources to build your team’s story-making muscle.

Normally $7300 ex gst.

Investment: $5500