Our team

Moya Sayer-Jones
Head Human

I was amazed when I realised that telling and writing my own stories could be an actual job. For almost 20 years, I was a funny novelist, speaker and columnist but then in 2005, things changed. I would probably say I had an epiphany (if I was only sure how to spell it). Hello Only Human Stories!

Dream team dinner guests:
Stanley Tucci, Brene Brown, Nancy Myers and everyone on Tennyson’s list (including Tennyson)

Clive Jones

From beginnings in his father’s typesetting business, Clive’s slow-burning fondness for typography burgeoned into a fully-fledged love affair with all things design. As the design mind behind Only Human Stories, Clive creates empathetic and very human design solutions.

Dream team dinner guests*:
Luke Sciberras; Kitty Flanagan; Maria Popova; Luke Nguyen (in Anthony Bourdain’s seat); Barry Humphreys; Marieke Hardy.
*I would have Moya on standby in case someone wasn’t on their game.

Tennyson Nobel

Tennyson understood the power of the pencil from a very early age and now loves the power of an iPad too. His black and white line drawings bring fun and clarity to our own brand and youll find his loveable humans on many of our projects. He can distill a brand story in a few magic lines (and looks fabulous in a hat!). You can find him on Instagram @tennyson.sidney.nobel

Dream team dinner guests:
David Hockney; Stephen Fry; Paul McCartney; Quentin Tarantino; Stevie Nicks; Frances McDormand.

Lisabel Link
Content Creator

I have always been interested in learning about all things human. This put me on the path to get a degree in the humanities and collect stories from all over the world. I’m a big believer in the power of storytelling to impact social change and connect us all. I use my chatty, tech-savvy and artistic skills to help share these stories.

Dream team dinner guests:
Sara Ahmed; Angela Davis; Louis Theroux; Cate Blanchett; Stan Grant; Emily Blunt; Bill Murray and Jordan Firstman.