Case Story Australian Network on Disability

Anniversary story celebrates the journey.

It started with 5 people and a dream to create jobs for people with a disability. 20 years later… 1.7 million people are part of the story.

Origin stories are an amazing opportunity. They remind us of why we’re here, how far we’ve come and guide where we are heading. Especially when it’s a cracker of a story like this!

In 2020, to celebrate their 20 year anniversary, the  Australian Network on Disability (AND) wanted to capture, preserve and celebrate their remarkable story.

Moya worked directly with one of the original founders, CEO Suzanne Colbert and together they romped through the early years of chaos and creation and the years of growth. Like any great story, it was rich in thrills and spills; tears, exhaustion, triumphs, wild good fortune and lucky escapes. In other words, the human element behind this very human organisation came to the fore again and again.

This has been a heartwarming and illuminating process. We’ve discovered many of the things we are most proud of today, reflect the same impulses, ambitions and values that created AND in the very beginning.

Suzanne Colbert AM, CEO (AND)

Story projects should bring benefits right across the organisation. Our  strategy included using this 20 year organisational reflection process to drive a new strategic direction, a brand and stakeholder analysis, increased investment in Marketing and Communications and to create conversation around values, purpose and impact with diverse stakeholders

It was shared as a 20 page Anniversary gift to members, supporters and community. And expressed the new brand design direction in a re-vamped Annual Report.

Origin story strategy and production  •  Annual Report re-design  •  Brand re-design  •  Brand discovery and analysis