Case Story Bonnie Support Services

Annual Report, years in the making.

We have been working with Bonnie’s since 2014, and it’s amazing to see how a storyful organisation evolves. 

One of the first things Bonnie’s Executive Officer, Tracy Phillips, did all those years ago was commit to finding and sharing the stories that prove the value of their work. And the unique essence of this adventurous feminist women’s Refuge and Support Service.

We began by introducing the whole team to story_Pool, our team story sharing process. This led to a staff blog, where we encouraged every team member to share a story of their work, discoveries and experiences. This blog is now a goldmine of staff experience, expertise and client stories.

Over the years,  this intentional story sharing has become an integral part of Bonnie’s. The blogs are refreshingly open and honest, rich in detail, meaning and heart.

These daysm because of these blogs, and the stories that fuel it, annual report time is not the usual headache. The stories flow from team members who understand their value and are happy to share.

This year we worked closely with the team at Bonnie’s, inviting everyone to contribute to the Report. Soon enough, we saw it evolving into something that was so much more than simply ‘a compliance obligation’ – it was a creative, exciting and meaningful view of what the last 12 months looked and felt like. 

This year, Bonnie’s investment in their digital strategy filled these pages too – with an abundance of fresh and visual story content – all ready and waiting.