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One CEO decides to write: a mentoring project

Moya worked side-by-side with Lindy Allen to produce a book collection for Regional Arts Australia (RAA). Lindy was Executive Director of RAA and this project was a first for her and definitely a big leap out of her comfort zone! Previously, we had produced two other collections for RAA: Great Arts Stories – Big Story Country and Great Arts/Health stories – Seeded. With Belonging, the organisation was ready to roll up their sleeves to produce it for themselves.

Moya mentored Lindy through every stage of the story process, including story selection, interviewing, writing, ethics and production. Belonging – Great Art Stories from Regional Australia is the outcome of that mentoring relationship. 

Belonging has been used as an advocacy tool to assist RAA in promoting what regional arts practice looks like, what impact it has in a regional setting and why it needs to be supported by federal, state and local government. The book was distributed throughout regional and remote Australia as well as to all of RAA’s members and stakeholders.


Moya,  I often think about how valuable that process was for me. Your focused and supportive guidance allowed me to believe I could do it. 

I learned a great deal about how to listen, how to interview and how to edit recorded interviews into coherent, moving and engaging stories. I also learnt how to find the gold and let it shine. 

I’m much wiser and richer for your generous sharing of your years of knowledge and I still dip into this well.

Lindy Allen, former Executive Director, Regional Arts Australia

The Silver Ball Screening Project offered a month of community filmmaking workshops and a screening festival. The films were shown in Warrnambool’s laneways one May evening in 2014 and twenty-two were screened at a judging event the next night. It was organised by F Project Cinema, a film society.

The Gascoyne is one of nine regions of Western Australia, located in the remote north-west. It includes Carnarvon, Exmouth, Shark Bay and Upper Gascoyne. It is a vast area of almost 140,000 square kilometres, with six hundred kilometres of Indian Ocean coastline. Gascoyne in May aimed to create a festival circuit with key Gascoyne festivals to ensure the entire region could share resources, artists and costs.