Case Story Regional Arts Australia

A coffee table book celebrating the power of regional artists.

We gathered and produced this stunning coffee table book of 35 great arts stories for Regional Arts Australia (RAA). There were many objectives: to celebrate the art and the people of rural Australia,  to increase community appreciation of the significant value of the arts to life in rural Australia. And of course, to share knowledge to inspire and inform others. This was a nine month project collecting stories across Australia and was a major marketing investment for Regional Arts Australia.

Big Story Country gathered readers who would never normally think they would be interested in the arts. Or artists. And it delivered outcomes way beyond original expectation. It continues to be valued and built on by RAA and other stakeholders, several years after its first appearance. A selection of stories from the book inspired a SBS television project: the series of short films being shown as program interstitials.

Media response has been fantastic…our presence spreads even further and deeper. The stories are currently being given new life through a SBS television project. The effects of Big Story Country will be seen in new projects for years to come…

Ruth Smiles, Regional Arts Australia