Case Story Victorian Women’s Trust

A 40 year anniversary leads to a vital new brand story.

The Victorian Women’s Trust 40 year anniversary was a golden opportunity to inject new vitality, youthfulness and chutzpah into how this remarkable organisation was seen… and how it saw itself. 

We used our brand discovery process to explore the original impulses and values of the brand and worked with the team to find a story that could not only be embraced but would fuel their future vision.

We were able to test and develop this new visual brand story through the concept, design and content for an ambitious Annual Report.


We were so excited when we landed on that phrase ‘Who says we can’t?”. It was one of those moments that you love during the discovery process. We knew it would set the tone for VWT’s new look and feel. It defined the brand story for all that followed.

Moya Sayer-Jones


Our designer Clive Jones used bold, contemporary hero images alongside archival shots of VWT women, projects and activism to create an unmistakable story of determination, smarts, diversity and justice over the decades.

The brand story and design from this process went on to influence a range of collateral and events and a new way of showing up as activists and changemakers.

Moya, I consider our working relationship to be quite special. You and I committed to be very open with one another and this has made for a rich conversation and deep understandings, shared and responded to. I look forward to our next iteration.

Mary Crooks AO, Executive Director, VWT

The dramatic reimagining of VWT continues to power their activities. Here the marketing agency Wildwon used the brand story and imagery from the new look annual report to promote VWT’s groundbreaking conference. It was the biggest gender equality conference in Australia.