Case Story YWCA Auckland

An old trusted brand turns up the volume.

YWCA Auckland is a feminist organisation and part of a global movement of women leading change.

Every day we work hard to support young women in Auckland – and we advocate hard too, for a gender-equal future.

We want a world where the voices of all women are heard, respected and celebrated. A world where 100% opportunity for women and girls is simply the norm, not another negotiation.

Sound good? Well, as you can imagine, there’s still quite a lot to do.

So, are you in? Join us!

Through our process, we found the words to express YWCA’s story.

YWCA is a long-loved, historic brand. But how it was perceived did not match the forward-thinking and modern organisation it had become. The key was to find the sweet spot between its old reputation and its new one; the one being made everyday. Change like this isn’t easy. What better time to start than with YWCA’s 100th year anniversary.

We drew on the strengths of its past story, YWCA’s current work and its vision for the future to find the real story that speaks strong and true. We invited everyone along for the ride. We reflected this all-embracing story in design and content for the annual report, a new website and ongoing campaigns. The verdict? See above!


When I first heard Moya speak at a workshop I realised that although we had invested in a great brand strategy, our organisation lacked an understanding of our ‘why?’. Despite doing what we have been doing for the past 131 years we struggled to convey why we did what we did and how that relates to why we do what we do. Moya worked across our organisation, including our Board, and in a relatively short period of time made our brand story come to life in a way that generated genuine buy-in and accountability. Since working with Moya I have found that being able to tell our brand story is instrumental in generating new partnerships as well as establishing a strong collective voice within our organisation, both of which are critical to our success and being able to continue to help the communities within which we work.

Debbie Burrows, Business Manager YWCA Auckland