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Despite doing what we have been doing for the past 131 years we struggled to convey why we did what we did and how that relates to why we do what we do. Moya worked across our organisation, including our board and made our brand story come to life in a way that generated genuine buy-in. Only Human’s work with us has been instrumental in generating new partnerships as well as establishing a strong collective voice within our organisation, both of which are critical to our success and being able to continue to help the communities within which we work.

Debbie Burrows, Business Manager YWCA Auckland

Moya’s style is empowering, clear, encouraging—and so fun! She also had a unique understanding of Relay For Life, how it engages our local and global communities, and what a powerful place it is for people to share their stories.

Kelly Atkinson, National Manager Relay For Life and Community Development, Cancer Society of New Zealand, National Office


Bonnie’s has grown so much since working with Only Human Stories (OH). We have found our voice and it speaks loud and clear to the people we want to reach. We have seen a massive increase in partners, volunteers and sponsors since our re-branding. And our staff can now celebrate and be proud of the way our work is seen.

Tracy Phillips, Executive Officer, Bonnie Support Services

With Open Hearts is the second book Moya has produced with us on and she is simply amazing, passionate and always willing and open to learn. This time we met more members of her Only Human team and together we created a book beyond our expectations. We have all been so proud to be able to leave a gift to our community that not only celebrates our program but also acknowledges what we have learnt working with community. With Open Hearts is intended to enable communities to continue the good work our program has begun.

Ric Bless, Uniting Ability Links Program Manager

This has been an extremely successful resource and has been widely used for students, as a training and educative tool for workers, and as a poignant reminder for all of us of the struggles and triumphs of those people for whom life has been tough.

Claerwen Little, Acting CEO, UnitingCare Burnside Children, Young People and Families

Moya, your book is just wonderful… the interviews are in-depth and terrific and the layout is superb: it made me want to pick up the book immediately and once I did then I couldn’t stop reading.

Anne Deveson AO

When Moya started working with us on a key advocacy campaign we knew that we wanted to tell the stories of the people we worked with, but Moya had the vision of the ‘how’, and it is the ‘how’ that made the campaign work. Her understanding of the strategic intent of our organisation, our advocacy objectives as well as her natural empathy with the people we work with made her an invaluable part of the project.

Nicole Osborne, Communications & Marketing Manager, UnitingCare Burnside Children, Young People & Families

Moya’s enthusiasm made success possible – she inspired others and energised the project team. Her wealth of experience and expertise in working with vulnerable people was invaluable; her knowledge of what ‘cuts through’ resulted in a campaign that was focussed and effective. I can’t stress enough how instrumental she was in achieving this.

Eamon Waterford, Formerly Policy Officer, UnitingCare Burnside

Thank you for our first ever Induction Day! Excited to see everything brought to life – I am very happy with how we delivered and engaged with our new starters yesterday. It has also been pleasing to hear from our attendees how much they loved the day and how connected they feel to Charter Hall.

Lisa Corcoran, People Manager, Charter Hall

This book has been and continues to be something that people love and get great benefit from. We have distributed a copy to every member of the NSW Parliament through the Parliamentary Friends and again the feedback has been exceptional.

Stakeholder: Consumer/Advocacy Group, Rob Ramjan AM, CEO, Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW

Thanks so much for this beautiful book, Beyond the Call. A veteran myself, I was given the book recently when I was awarded a contract to provide counselling services to veterans.

This book is invaluable for people who work with veterans but are not veterans themselves – because it is hard to know what it is like if you haven’t experienced it yourself.

Libby Thompson, Director, All You Can Be Psychology

I worked with Moya to create a book to market engineering careers at RailCorp. It was quite a challenge to get engineers describe their work in language that would be understood by someone who is not necessarily an engineer! I learnt to relax the participants, bring out the best stories and uncover insights. Five years later, we are still using the book in our recruitment.

Ranjit Nair, Manager-Talent Development, RailCorp

Moya’s positive and energetic approach made it impossible to discount my accomplishments or dismiss as peripheral, something that had the potential to illustrate the essence of what I do in my interactions with clients, or the value I bring to the table when working with them.

I want to formally and enthusiastically thank you for your wonderful support, hard work and creative ideas for the Anchor.The work is only just beginning as we use the Comms Plan as a blueprint for the programs growth and reach, and I look forward to engaging you all at some later stage as we build on the ideas and images you have brought to life for us.

Clive Price, Director, Unifam

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Eamon Waterford

Moya’s enthusiasm made success possible – she inspired others and energised the project team. Her wealth of experience and expertise in working with vulnerable people was invaluable; her knowledge of what ‘cuts through’ resulted in a campaign that was focussed and effective. I can’t stress enough how instrumental she was in achieving this.

Eamon Waterford, as UnitingCare Burnside Policy Officer (now Chief Advisor of Investment NSW )


A fantastic mix of counsellor, wise sage and energetic leader, Moya Sayer Jones is such an asset for Heiress Films. I tend to reach out for her services when I feel a bit stuck – or when the Company feels like it wants to change direction but is feeling a bit like the titanic. After even one session you can be feeling like a Sydney to Hobart winner.

Moya has the best instincts of anyone I’ve ever worked with in this space.  She gets up to speed really quickly in terms of who you are – your aims, desires and hopes.  Both individually and for the Company. She’s an excellent listener but unlike a counsellor she also does so much more than listen. She has fabulous ideas. Sometimes small ideas for change. Other times rather big ones – but she maps it out in a way that never feels daunting.

She’s clever and very human. She loves getting into the nitty gritty of what you’ve been doing and then taking you to a new space of possibility.

After a session with Moya there’s never any space left on the whiteboard but there’s plenty of new ideas brimming, just waiting to spring into action. As Molly Meldrum would say…do yourself a favour.

Jennifer Cummins, Executive Director of Heiress Films

Moya mentored me through a book project during my time as Executive Director of Regional Arts Australia. It was a collection of stories gathered from regional artists and organisations about the impact of arts projects in their communities. I often think about how valuable that process was for me.

I learned a great deal about how to listen, how to interview and how to edit recorded interviews into coherent, moving and engaging stories. I also learnt how to find the gold and let it shine.

This was my first time working in a new space and Moya’s focused and supportive guidance allowed me to believe I could do it. I’m much wiser and richer for her generous sharing of her years of knowledge and I still dip into this well.

Lindy Allen, Executive Director of Regional Arts Australia

What to say about Moya? That’s a tall order. She’s a one-off. A valuable sounding board. Always way ahead of the game she is one of the most creative and energizing human visionaries I know. Moya is able to intuitively zero in on whatever the issue is – and instinctively knows how to speak to it. When I’m stuck, Moya has helped me change my story and, typically after a session, I’ll walk away breathlessly optimistic. There’s always an endless supply of empowering and joyful options on the table. Whip-smart and sophisticated in everything she does, Moya’s fresh perspective helps me think through next steps. Let’s face it. I love working with her, pure and simple.

Mary Van de Wiel, Brand strategist and Artist

Moya listens. Moya listens to the story behind the story, behind the story. Moya listens to the words of the story which are beyond words.

Working with Moya with sketches and phrases, I found patterns to the old stories. Major metaphors emerged which had been unconsciously governing my beliefs about myself. Therapy over the years had given me many insights but working with Moya was a new mirror to discover deeper reflections. New choices became clear and Moya supported me in creating empowering steps to implement them.

Some years later, I am  feeling  the benefit in my life now, of strength, clarity and a freer open heart. I continue to be encouraged, inspired and deeply grateful.

Annalise Thomas, Artist

Moya, I consider our working relationship to be quite special. You and I committed to be very open with one another and this has made for a rich conversation and deep understandings, shared and responded to. I look forward to our next iteration.

Mary Crooks AO, Executive Director, Victorian Women’s Trust

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Our stories are getting better and better. They used to be like case studies. Now we can see the value of connecting with heart. We see they can move people to change.

Helen Levingston, Program Manager, Uniting Ability Links

I see our teams making story_Pool their own. They’re sharing the stories of their work in an open and positive way. We’re all learning from story_Pool and I’m starting to see its impact in unexpected areas.

Tracy Phillips, Executive Officer, Bonnie Support Services

story_Pool has brought new energy and enthusiasm for story writing to our team. Story writing is not seen as a monthly requirement, but a chance to connect with team members and share their experiences from the past month. The depth and quality of our stories has strengthened with the guidance of Moya and the Only Human team.

Kat Lindberg, Ability Links

The feedback that I’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive. story_Pool has helped the team bring their stories to life.

Deb Watkins Co-ordinator, Uniting Ability Links

In our story_Pool, none of us work directly with clients so often we’re like, ‘Do we have any good stories to tell?’ But someone dives in and then we’re away! The mood changes immediately. Every person tells a great story and at the end of every session, as we pack up, we say what we always say, ‘We have more to offer than we thought!’

story_Pool Participant, Uniting Disability

I loved exploring the stories and hearing the touching moments for each storyteller. I especially enjoyed watching the storyteller receive feedback from each person in our group, sharing what they enjoyed and what they noticed while they were telling the story, was really special.

story_Pool Participant

Our stories are so inspiring. They are authentic experiences from our everyday lives and give me a greater insight to my fellow poolers. I realise now how powerful our stories are and how they can make an impact, not only for people with disability but also on the wider community.

Jade Strongman, Uniting Disability

My Aha moment was how powerful stories are and how they can make an impact, not only on people with disability but also on the wider community.

Jade Strongman, LAC

I’ve had an opportunity to get to know my workmates more closely. It’s opened a greater level of respect for our diversity and difference in characters.

Ozlem Bayman, LAC

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