Annual Reports Made Easy

In this training I’ll be sharing our own step-by-step system to plan, gather and develop your Annual Report content all year round.

You’ll learn how to plan and create a year’s worth of successes, partnerships and impact stories into one stunning Annual Report. Plus some fun extras and templates so you can get started ASAP.

Whether you’re the person in charge of the Annual Report or a leader who wants to support your team, the results will be the same – an Annual Report you can manage AND be proud of.

 Learning Objectives

Step-by-Step System for Annual Report Content Management: Discover a comprehensive and practical step-by-step system to effectively plan, gather, and develop content for your organisation’s Annual Report throughout the year. Learn how to streamline the process and ensure a smooth and organised approach to creating a compelling report.

Strategic Planning for Impactful Annual Reports: Gain insights into strategic planning techniques that enable you to showcase a year’s worth of successes, partnerships, and impact stories in a cohesive and engaging manner. Learn how to align your content with organisational goals, key metrics, and stakeholder expectations.

Utilising Templates :  Learn how to leverage pre-designed templates, frameworks, and tools to accelerate your report development, saving time and effort.

Implementing a Year-Round Content Management Approach:  Gain practical strategies to effectively gather throughout the year, ensuring a  full spectrum of your organisation’s achievements.

Join us to say goodbye to the chaos and stress of Annual report time forever. And hello to meaningful, vibrant content that will have your audience reading right to the end.

Training created by: Moya Sayer-Jones & Lisabel Link

Price: $49 incl gst