Maximising Results & Impact with Effective Story Ecosystems

🌿 Your Organisation is More than Just People – It’s an Ecosystem!

Do you remember those lessons at school about ecosystems? The harmonious existence of frogs, insects, plants, and invisible organisms in a pond? The same principle applies to organisations.

Just like ponds, organisations are ecosystems. The only difference? Our culture is our pond. Instead of frogs and plants and insects, we have the people, values, goals, and relationships working together to create an environment for our best work. And performance.

πŸ” Is Your Ecosystem Thriving or Just Surviving?

How’s your ecosystem doing? Is it vibrant, fluid, and contented? Or despite everyone’s hard work and goodwill, is it sluggish and unclear? Even fraught?

Some red flags you might’ve noticed…

Departments working in isolation, with little cross-functional collaboration.

Energy and participation is low and turnover is high.

Frequent misunderstandings or miscommunications amongst teams.

The organisation’s values are unclear or not consistently upheld.

Absence of platforms or forums to share success stories or learnings.

🌟 Fuel Your Organisational Success with a Powerful Story Ecosystem

Β Stories are a force of connection, engagement, and mutual inspiration. A healthy storytelling ecosystem is alive with benefits. It can:

Boost Team Morale: Establish a shared language and mutually agreed behaviours for psychosocial safety and collaboration.

Elevate Your Reputation: Bolster appreciation and reputation internally and externally.

Foster Wellbeing: Create a connective space that enhances teamwork and a sense of belonging.

Boost Project Success: Exchanging experiences and ideas during a project leads to more cohesive and successful outcomes.

Extra benefits of an effective story eco-system

  • Strategic Marketing: Enhance your marketing strategies with plentiful stories that resonate with your audience and prove your impact.
  • Effective Communications: Utilise stories for clearer communications and shared values within and outside your team.
  • Proposal Perfection: Skills in using storytelling in your proposals to engage decision makers and get a big YES.
  • πŸ“š What You Will Take Away

In this 60 minute on-demand masterclass, you’ll discover:

    • How to identify the red flags that signal an ecosystem in distress.
    • A comprehensive 5-step guide to cultivating safe, purposeful spaces for sharing and connecting.
    • Enhance your leadership through a storytelling lens: mindset, strategies, and benefits.
    • Simple everyday practices that you can quickly apply to your existing workflows.
    • How stories will contribute to a safe workplace by building inclusive and welcoming behaviours.
    • Inspiring lessons learned from other successful non-profits.

Attend the Training

Who For: Executives, Managers, People and Culture Leaders, Brand Guardians

Training created by: Moya Sayer-Jones

Price:Β $49 incl gst