How To Turn Personal Experiences
Into Powerful Business Stories

Unlock the Power of Personal Experiences for Brand-Building Stories

Life teaches us no matter where we are – at work or not. We gain lessons and insights that would be so valuable to share at work and yet too often we don’t. Why is that? What’s getting in the way? And what do you need to know to start bringing all your ideas and wisdom to work?

 Your personal stories have the potential to revolutionise the way you connect with others, motivate your team, and achieve your business objectives. And  amplify your impact internally and externally.

During this one-hour masterclass, Moya Sayer-Jones will identify the three key issues that leave many professionals failing to make the most of their personal stories:

  1. Undervaluing the Significance of Personal Narratives:
    Discover why personal stories hold immense value in the workplace including how your ‘small stories’ can create deeper connections and foster trust among team members.
  2. Not Clear on the Power and Benefits of Incorporating Personal Stories into everyday communication style:
    Learn the tangible benefits of integrating personal stories into your business strategy and objectives. See how personal stories can inspire and motivate your team, leading to improved performance and engagement.
  3. Not sure how to do it:  Learn the three elements all great business stories need and how to apply them to your personal stories.

Throughout the masterclass, Moya will be live online with you as your guide and story guru. These are our learning objectives for the session. They’re simple, enjoyable and easy to apply immediately:

  1. Discovering Valuable Personal Stories:
    • Learn how to choose the personal stories that will drive your own communication and business objectives
    • Uncover techniques to recognize those stories ongoing, in the future
  2. Mastering the Art of Everyday Storytelling:
    • Understand the fundamental elements that make any story compelling and memorable.
    • Learn where we can go wrong and how to avoid the pitfalls
  3. Converting Personal Stories for specific Business Objectives:
    • Learn Moya’s simple two-step process to transform your everyday experiences into memorable, interesting business stories
    • Learn how to frame your stories to keep people leaning forward and encourage more stories back.

Watch this training to learn the easy way to turn personal experiences from your team into powerful brand-building business stories.

Who For: Managers, Executives, CEOs and Team Leaders

Host: Moya Sayer-Jones

Price: $49 incl gst