Refresh Your Brand Story With A Milestone Event Or Origin Story

Learn how to leverage a milestone event or the organisation origin story as a catalyst to rediscover, refresh and revitalise the brand story.

Participants will gain valuable insights and practical strategies to rediscover and refresh their brand story, enhance their organisation’s visibility and reputation, gather impactful stories, and align their identity with future goals.

They’ll also discover strategies and techniques to align your brand narrative with the significance of the event, ensuring it resonates with your audience and reinforces your organisation’s mission.

During this engaging masterclass, we will explore the following key areas:

  1. Identifying the Power of Milestone Events:
    • Understand the impact of milestone events on brand storytelling.
    • Discover how milestones can provide the perfect opportunity to refresh and revitalise your brand narrative.
  2. Crafting a Compelling Brand Story:
    • Learn the essential elements to capture all voices from a milestone event for a captivating brand story.
    • Learn how to scope the events and storytellers for a 360 view of an important event.
    • Learn strategies to align your brand narrative with the significance of the milestone event.
  3. Engaging Stakeholders and Building Momentum:
    • Explore techniques to effectively communicate your refreshed brand story to internal and external stakeholders.
  4. Leveraging the Milestone Event for Long-Term Success:
    • Uncover strategies to ensure the longevity and continued impact of your refreshed brand story.
    • Case study of how an organisation has leveraged the momentum of a milestone event to drive growth and enhance your organisation’s reputation.

Watch this training to learn practical ways to rediscover and refresh your brand through a milestone event or origin story.

Who For: Leaders who want to leave a lasting legacy, and Marketing & Communication professionals

Training created by: Moya Sayer-Jones

Price: $49 incl gst