How to turn your organisation into a story-gathering machine in just an hour a week!

Transform Your Organisation into your Own Story-Gathering Powerhouse!

Are you worried that your content just isn’t cutting it? And that you should be doing more to win fans and support for your organisation? 

Are you always chasing your tail?  Scrambling to find the leads, the impact stories, the ears to the ground for you to work your magic on? 

Maybe the stories come to you late or not at all… and often with the vitality and colour already drained away. Well, you’re definitely not Robinson Crusoe! Every creative has been there.

The good news is that you absolutely have the power to change it up. All it takes is a firm press on the re-set button with a few simple strategies and a shift in your own process,  to start attracting the help and the stories you need.

You’ll learn how in this webinar with expert story strategist, Moya Sayer-Jones. As founder of Only Human Stories, Moya brings a lifetime of creative experience working with stories across the arts, publishing and nonprofit sectors. This webinar is designed specifically for you: for communications and marketing professionals who’ve had enough of the ‘same old same old.’

It’s 60 minutes of the lights going on. In her usual fun, and very human way, Moya will cover –

  • The shift to seeing yourself as a storyteller – not a reporter
  • Using conversational interviewing techniques to collect stories that almost ‘tell themselves’
  • Working in first person for authenticity and simplicity
  • Growing a team of story finders on your frontlines
  • Building appreciation from staff and leaders with resonant, authentic content
  • Creating spaces for easy story sharing – online and off.

Moya says: There’s no sitting back. We have to go out and get the stories before the stories will come to us. Once people start recognising themselves in the content we create, it’s a different ballgame. 


Who For: Marketing & Communications Professionals

Host: Moya Sayer-Jones

Price: $49 incl gst