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Be amazed at how your stories can inspire, guide and engage the people who matter most to you.

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Consulting & Strategy

Story Strategies

A story strategy is one of the most powerful investments any organisation can make. We design customised strategies to use your real stories to bring clarity, engagement and focus right across the business. A great strategy always surprises with follow-on benefits  and long-term impact especially for reputation, culture and performance.

See what’s possible:

Charter Hall  |  With Open Hearts  |  Codeine Project  |  Another Day

Bonnie’s has grown so much since working with Only Human Stories (OH). We have found our voice and it speaks loud and clear to the people we want to reach. We have seen a massive increase in partners, volunteers and sponsors since our re-branding. And our staff can now celebrate and be proud of the way our work is seen.

Tracy Phillips, Executive Officer, Bonnie Support Services

Brand Story

Brand Story Development for NFPs

Brand Story

Why should anyone seek your organisation out? What does it feel like to work with you? What can your clients and other stakeholders expect? Your brand story is the short cut to get to know the real you.

We help you discover your brand story through the real stories you make every day and the stories you want to make.

See a few of our Brand Story projects:

Victorian Women’s Trust  |  Australian Network on Disability  |  Bonnie Support Services

Only Human has been instrumental in generating new partnerships as well as establishing a strong collective voice within our organisation, both of which are critical to our success and being able to continue to help the communities within which we work.

Debbie Burrows, Business Manager, YWCA Auckland

Creative Production

We are known for our beautiful story-centred projects featuring project design, graphic design, illustration, photography and writing. Look through our projects to see the diversity of story possibilities.

  • Books
  • Brand identity
  • Advocacy campaigns
  • Products

See these projects:

Big Story Country  |  YWCA Auckland  |  With Open Arms  |  Unifam

Only Human’s masterful presentation of our story gave our organisation and our readers a fresh appreciation of what can be achieved when people work together towards common goals. It made us all so proud…

Suzanne Colbert AM, CEO Australian Network on Disability


We specialise in creative, engaging learning workshops. We offer programs and individual coaching to strengthen teams, improve culture and ignite creativity.

Our online, hybrid and face2face learning options all have one thing in common: they are designed to be meaningful, rich experiences for your teams, individuals or whole organisations.

  • Team story training
  • Story skills for leaders and managers
  • Story gathering and sharing coaching

Team Coaching | Consulting | Training | Courses

This was my first time working in a new space and Moya’s focused and supportive guidance allowed me to believe I could do it. I’m much wiser and richer for her generous sharing of her years of knowledge. I often still dip into this well.

Lindy Allen, Executive Director of Regional Arts Australia

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